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(Insert a situation where a person or people thought you would, or, would not do something because you were, or are a certain way)

(Insert a situation where a person or people thought you would, or, would not do something because they thought you are a certain way)

(Insert a situation where you thought a person or a particular group of people, would or would not do something because they are a particular way)

(Insert a situation where you thought a person, or a particular group of people, would or would not do something because you thought they are a particular way)

I think that pretty much sums everything I was thinking of writing.


PS: Live your truth

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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin, A Dance With Dragons

Initially the poem was supposed to be a painting with the theme ‘They hold your hand, but I hold your heart from way back in 2015, then I discovered I can only tell my part of the story, in details because one part of the drawing could have been scanty (now I realize that is how it should be💡). That is why I decided to write a poem about it. For those who can convert the poem into a drawing or anything graphic, feel free to do so. If you have not yet read the poem click here.

“Perhaps the ground

Shares identical secrets as the cloud..”

Ground and Cloud are the most important words in the entire poem

The persona in the poem is in an online relationship, which she tries to explain through comparing her situation to that of a plant. When people access the internet through whatever device they have, it is difficult to tell how many connections they have made by just looking at them. They may stand the same ground but at the same time be in different places which is expressed in the lines: “..Under the sun Plants stand tall and high Most, independent Crowns strong and bold But who knows what happens beneath?

SKIP ALL OF THAT….it was starting to sound boring from this side😉

When I wrote this poem I was at a point of reflection, again, and was trying to find something in a similar situation as mine so that we both could grief together…and behold! There it was! A tiny plant on the ground. Yes, there were other plants around it, but this one was special. It was the kind of plant that would speak without speaking, that would make you dream with your eyes open. While other plants were twirling on each other’s branches, this one stood firm and strong. It was alone without being lonely. Then I thought maybe its support system lay below the ground, like the way many of us depend on the CLOUD. Cloud as in cloud computing, where information is stored in one central computer and one uses the internet to access that information, which includes the social apps we use, like this one.

None of us can see what is below the ground, and even if we dug, we can only see a small portion of it, a hint, or even too many different stories that do not totally add up. Probably this plant has grown its roots to unknown depths while finding essential minerals and met many others who are also on the same journey and has connected with them on different levels. As family, as a friend, as something else that a plant could connect with another; as phosphorus and calcium buddies and potassium specialists, maybe😂 [Backdrop], until they finally settle for the one, without realizing it.

They grow into each other, and light each other’s lives until something different happens. A different method of weaving the tapestry of destiny is introduced and distance kicks in. And one waits and waits and waits for the other to come back, and does nothing else but wait. But there is a danger in that kind of waiting, where we script our own story and assume that it will eventually be God’s will for our lives, that God will somehow consider the amount of time we have spent waiting for this script to come to life and we keep waiting and get disappointed in the end.

Sometimes we forget that we are not the ones who plan our lives because if we did, I do not think anyone plans for the unexpected hurdles we all face. We are not here by choice, we didn’t choose where to be born or at the very least the bodies we are in, but we are all designed for a purpose, whatever happens even if things do not go our way , we will be fine because God is the best of planners and He wants the best for all of us.

Everything happens for the greater good.

Whatever happens we will be fine 😊

#AdelHanifa 🐣🐣🐣

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When you marry a pot with money, and all the money gets used up, you will be left with a pot.

Choose wisely

# K I K U Y U P R O V E R B

#AdelHanifa 🐣🐣🐣

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T H I S W O R D: C O N T E X T

You know how different situations can have the same result and how we mainly tend to focus on that result other than the situation as a guideline for our next action?

For example in Geographical Location 1, lives girl called Mary and in Geographical Location 2 lives a boy named Liam. Both Mary and Liam were called by their parents respectively and both did not respond to the call. If this was a movie, probably some of the audience would say that the two children are disobedient because they seem to hear the call but do not make the tiniest effort to respond. Turns out that Mary was the one who intentionally ignored her parent’s call while Liam has a severe ear problem that his parent knew nothing about.

Good (insert appropriate time of day according to your location here),

This year I learnt a very important word. I actually thought there was no name for it though I have been seeing that word many..many…many times, since like six years ago, but I only got to understand what it means this year.

I happened to tell my ten year old brother “Once upon a time you had (insert something valuable)*…and now you don’t.”

Then he told me:

“That is not a good story because it does not explain what happened to the (something valuable)* what a smart comeback bro! In my head I was like “True true”

My story lacked..(drum roll please)…


What is context?

Context: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement or idea and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.

Context is the main ingredient of everything – it is a universal ingredient. It is as important as the twist in literature. Context is what sets apart right from wrong, or Right (for a situation) from right (for a different situation). It is what gives meaning to a situation by setting it apart from another situation that seems similar.

Context is the foundation of everything. Since it is a very wide subject, I would really like to read what context means for you in the comment section below. You never know who your comment may end up helping.

Context explains:

why we eat what we eat

why we dress what we dress

why we behave the way we do

why we use the words we use

why we know what we know


An Update:

When designers are creating something for a client, they have to consider the client’s needs/context (which is the primary source), then use their context (what they know) while designing it. This is why two designers, even though designing the same thing for the same client, can not have identical outputs.

Thank you for your support so far.

With permission:

#AdelHanifa 🐣🐣🐣


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The best way to get to know someone’s story is by understanding their context. I would love to hear/read your opinion on the question:

Why is it difficult for people to leave an abusive environment (please include the setting in your comment)

Thank you in advance:):):):)

#AdelHanifa 🐣🐣🐣

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What I have learnt so far this year

I was going through my journal earlier today and I found a very important entry, and I thought to myself: why not take a picture of this…and I took it. Then I thought: why not share it…Here it is (Don’t mind the handwriting)

Basically all of them revolve around trusting God.

Am going to expound a little more on #2 and #7

#2: In my journey of finding God, my expectations exceeded my acceptance for the will of God..and I asked myself: why should I pray for something yet it might never happen?, Is there really need for prayer?..After a long struggle I learnt about finding the right balance between my expectations and God’s will for me.  I might pray not to face hardships in life but then again, how do I get to learn life lessons. If I trust that God has the best intentions for me, why should I dictate what He should include in my story? In as much as I want to have my version written…God’s version is the best version. I have limited knowledge and He knows everything; my heart, my past, the future and like the great designer He is, He will give me what suits me.

#7: A time comes when people feel it is the right time to start a family, and maybe one of their goals is to marry a believer. How can you tell a believer from a non-believer? Through their behaviour. But what if their behaviour does not show?

Let’s do the math:

If God knows what is in every heart (67:13), and He protects those who believe (2:257), there is no reason to worry and lose God while struggling to find what is hidden in someones heart.

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#AdelHanifa 🐣🐣🐣

PS: How much do you trust God?

PPS: (Very Important)Who is your God? (in terms of the attributes you personally (knowingly or unknowingly) give to God, because those attributes determine who your God is)

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1 2 X V

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I love the photograph above because it is a visual representation of this blog. Where I come from there are forests as such..thick forests. When outside the forest you can not see what or who is inside it. All you see is a gradient from the brightness of light to the pitch blackness of the dark. It is easy to assume that no one is in it, but it is only if you have ever been inside it that you get to know there is life there despite the darkness.

The first item I published here is my poem VASED which am going to give a brief analysis because there is no better way to understand it other than getting its meaning from the one who wrote it: me. Vased is a poem that shows my self realization…why? I wrote it in third person, yet I lived it because I had to take a step back and view myself like an actor in a film, who had put all her eggs in one basket, all her hopes and dreams in this man, who was so comfortable that her only worry was which the next flower for her vase would be without knowing that her life is playing out in her hand, through that flower. Who somehow, without her realizing it is as shallow as the person who she has chosen to for-lack-of-a-better-word, worship. Why would she stare at the flowers in the garden if she really wanted to nuture the flower she already had in her vase? Why would she put all her hopes and dreams on this man if she really had faith in herself. Don’t get me wrong, this post/poem is not ment to attack but to challenge. To show us that we already have what it takes to be the best we can be, the difference is: Do you realize it?

If the lady in the poem realized it, she would not have put all her hopes and dreams on him, she would have attracted a ‘him’ who sees her worth through how she presents herself, and even if he were to leave her, she would not have suffered that much of a great loss. The flower in the first part of the poem is her..and she, is him. The way she threw the flower out of the vase was the same way she was thrown out of the house. The way she was always on the balcony searching for a replacement…was the same way he searched for her replacement.

My main point is, if I did not learn to see things from a different perspective, I wouldn’t have realized how much of myself I am missing. There wouldn’t even be this blog to begin with. No matter how you started out in life, you matter…you matter a lot more than you know. You do not want to miss out on yourself because you were busy trying to fit in. You already have what it takes, you just have to believe it. (this was my greatest lesson in December 2015…rings a bell?…12xv ) so get out of the forest and enjoy the light of a new dawn in your life.


PS: It all begins in you…fix your context, fix your life 🐣

PPS: We learn as we go :):):)